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Brand U workshops are perfect for business accelerator programs and chambers of commerce. Themes: Launching a Successful Business, Personal Branding and How to Launch an Unforgettable Brand. Click Here For More Info

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Life story format suitable for commencements, leadership, conferences and professional audiences. Themes: Overcoming adversity, never giving up and the entrepreneurial journey.
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At-Risk Youth

Ramon shares his personal story of being the son of immigrants and being a first generation college student. Themes: surviving the pitfalls of the urban youth and how your choices can impact your future. Click Here For More Info

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Experience Brand-U Live

September 11th, 2023

BRAND-U: Launch Your Own Brand

Presented for SCORE | Fairfield Public Library, Memorial Room, Fairfield, CT

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“Ramon Peralta’s workshop was a real demonstration of the halo effect. I learned the science that drives strategic branding for any organization – including schools. Extremely educational!”


– Christian Roman SPA/NYC Student

“As future school leaders and founders, Mr. Peralta’s strategy and design acumen prepares us to think and act with thoughtful precision and intentionality. From incorporating community voices of those the school will serve into design, to aligning aesthetics and logos to our school’s story – we have new skills to apply to our new school design projects.”


– O’Sha Williams SPA/NYC Student

“The connection between the institution’s why and you core audience is invaluable.”


– Franz Kenny SPA/NOLA Student

“Mr. Peralta’s book Launch Your Brand and his lecture made me realize that launching a successful business takes more than merely a good idea and passion. Through these resources, he guides his audience on company branding and how branding can effectively reach and be remembered by your customers.”


– Jung Yeun Kim SPA/NYC Student

“Just taking a moment to express my gratitude and appreciation for your time and expertise for our cohort this evening!

The entire class is brimming with excitement and we are harnessing that energy into actionable steps! We have uploaded your contact information and QR codes into Google Classroom, so some folks may reach out to you as the class comes to a close in about a month (if not sooner). “

-Typhanie Winfield-Alexander
Momentum Life Mastery Coaching

“Thank you as always Ramon Peralta! You bring such a wealth of knowledge and experience!”


– Sarah Bodley, Executive Director
reSET Social Enterprise Trust

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