They’re all working hard to LAUNCH THEIR BRANDS. Some don’t know where to start, and others may not know where to go. Especially because in today’s internet-driven economy, it’s crucial for your company to not only build and also maintain a strong digital footprint.

In Launch Your Brand Peralta, Design Founder and Creative Director, Ramon Peralta will share how he went from laid-off employee to business owner and his brand strategies that will help to differentiate your business from your competitors.

What You Will Learn

In Launch Your Brand, Ramon identifies tactics and strategies that will provide the best return on your time, money and effort to strengthen your brand. You will be provided with a deeper understanding of how to:

  • Create a visual Brand Strategy – Brand Identity and Brand Story
  • Develop a mission and vision statement  
  • Be consistent with your message to stay on brand
  • Generate a healthy user experience for your website
  • Distribute and monitor your content online
  • Boost your brand using digital marketing tactics
  • Increase sales by increasing your online presence & more!

see Ramon Speak

Experience Brand-U Live

May 22, 2024

Preparing your website for takeoff

Presented for SCORE with Jorge Pezo-Candelario, Director of Web Development | Brand-U Workshop - Free Virtual Workshop

May 29, 2024

Career fair:
Junior Achievement Career day

Presented for Roton Middle School | In-person, on location

May 30, 2024

Expert Discussion & Speed Networking Event

Presented for HCCGB Beacon Hall, CT | In-person, on location

June 5, 2024

Speaking engagement

Presented for LORE Latinos of Real Estate | Third Place by Half Full Brewery, Stamford, CT | Brand-U Workshop In-person, on location

What readers are saying

A gifted writer, dynamic speaker, and creative genius, Ramon Peralta has penned a practical, step-by-step guide for aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses alike.
His personal story of resilience, perseverance, and integrity in launching and growing his successful Creative Agency is both heart-warming and compelling.
Ramon has been a fountain of wisdom for many of our small business members, and a model for the underprivileged youth he has taken under his wing.
This is a MUST read for anyone interested in creating a lasting brand that will stand above the crowd.”

Bill Purcell

President, Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce

Launching and building a brand is all about owning specific areas of the market. It’s about being consistent and solidly on message when customers interact with your employees or your product.

As a friend and colleague, Ramon has always looked to help others succeed. That’s what I’ve come to expect from him. It’s his mission… his brand.

So it’s pretty predictable that Ramon wants to help you to launch your brand. He’s experienced, instructive and empathetic – all the things that you’d expect when you interact with him or Peralta Design come through in his book. He knows this isn’t an easy thing to do, and he’s up front about that, giving his reader helpful tactics and methods to find their brand, develop a voice and build out from there. “Launch Your Brand” is full of helpful tips on how people “really” think and how to find resources that can help you out along the way.

Brian Harniman

Director of Strategy, From NYC

“Wonderful book, and very keen insight for any business/owner, CEO, marketing employees and more! Very, very interesting stuff!”

Bing J. Carbone

President, Modern Plastics, Shelton, CT

“This book is truly a tool you can use to launch your brand and reach your ultimate goals, no matter what your background is. His success story can motivate you to have your own success story.”

David Whitney

Founder, Whitney Productions

“Great job by Ramon on taking a business owner step by step on how to create their brand. Wish I had read this 10 years ago! Highly recommend it!”

Rob Rodriguez

Founder, BDx Fitness

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