Road Trip With Ravi

Atlanta, GA

The Challenge

Road Trip with Ravi is a film production that promotes the commonalities we see in humanity and the beauty of nature across the globe through videos of his travels. Ravi reached out to Peralta Design to assist in creating and executing a guiding marketing strategy to increase his Brand Awareness.

The Solution

The PD team created a Marketing Flight Plan for Ravi, a strategy built around the goal of increasing his brand awareness and ultimately his viewership on YouTube. From the onset, Ravi had great content but needed assistance in optimization and execution. From a Branding standpoint, it was a great opportunity to create a new logo that resonated better with his brand identity. Peralta Design created a new logo & icon in addition to assisting with the distribution of content through social media management. Peralta Design was also tapped on the shoulder to create a more visually impactful website that provided an area to add blog posts and videos.

Execution time: 0.0369 seconds