PD Code Camp

Learn Programming Fundamentals!

Fun and Interactive
For Kids Ages 9-12

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Learn to code!

Code Camp is a fun and interactive learning experience. Learning to code can help boost kids’ problem-solving capabilities, confidence, creativity, and communication skills—and, as Minecraft players will tell you, it’s fun. This 3-hour workshop teaches kids the fundamentals of programming by PD’s very own experienced web team.

Kids will learn core concepts such as:

Issuing Commands

Creating Logic

Repeatable Loops

Basic Game Design


  • Gain hands-on experience by using a simple web-based drag and drop activity interface
    on their own machines (Laptops, Chromebooks, and 12in + tablets are all welcome)
  • Work on their own independent projects within the coding platform.
  • Be awarded a certificate at a small ceremony which parents are invited to join!
  • All campers that successfully complete the course will be eligible to win tech prizes

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