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Kevin J Atterberry

Back-end Web Developer

Kevin is a full stack web developer who has played an integral role in Peralta Design launching a variety of web applications over the last 10 years. Whether it’s a static website or dynamic data driven application Kevin can complete the task. His skill set includes proficiencies in PHP, JavaScript, MYSQL and Amazon Web Services.

Kevin uses his knowledge of these tools along with his attention to detail and passion for problem solving to build custom solutions for many of Peralta Design’s clients. A big fan of ‘2nd breakfast’ we all stand in awe as to how much Kevin can eat in one sitting. We really don’t know where he puts it, but his appetite for food and fun is contagious.

Outside of work, Kevin is also an avid gamer who enjoys spending time building high performing PC’s from scratch. Kevin loves to spend time with his pet Ball Python aka “Master Snake” and recently became licensed to sell Life Insurance in the states of Connecticut and Virginia.