Mission CTRL

Personal Branding with Tavia Sharp, Image Consultant

Apr 13, 2021

In this episode of Mission CTRL, Ramon is joined by Tavia Sharp, a personal brand strategist and image consultant who has spent 15 years in the fashion industry and has styled celebs like Drake, Chrissy Teigen and Ne-Yo.  She realized that she had a higher calling, to help others present the best version of themselves by focusing the what helps them make the greatest impact: their image. Join in to hear how Tavia pivoted from the fashion industry into personal branding and how she has navigated that new business venture during the pandemic to add a few more lines of service to her strategy. Tavia shares insights into why society has conditioned men to take care of everyone but themselves and how some quick and easy tips can really turn around even the busiest entrepreneur’s wardrobe with one of her consultations. Tavia is all about helping men look & feel SHARP so they can present better and feel better which positions them and their business ventures for even greater success!

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