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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is Google’s newest version of their popular and free website analytics tool. It’s quite a bit different from their previous version, Universal Analytics (UA). So, it can be pretty intimidating to think about going through with the upgrade to GA4.

At Peralta Design, we recommend that you upgrade, sooner than later. If you wait until June 30, 2023 before upgrading, then you will be starting from zero and you won’t be able to compare any historical data in GA4. Start collecting your data now. Google has given us this announcement in 2020, and you’re one of those who’s been pushing it off, we’re here to help.

The first step is the hardest part. We’ve created an affordable package to support businesses in their GA4 conversion. We call it the GA4 Foundation, which is the first step you would need to take to get the wheels turning, and most importantly begin collecting data.


With this product you will get:


1. Activation of GA4 - We will set up your new GA4 property so that you can collect data in parallel with your existing Universal Analytics property.

2. Filter IP Addresses - We will filter out your company's IP Addresses to ensure that if you are on your own site the web analytics won't count
it towards visitors/sessions etc. as this would skew your data.

3. Set Up Basic Reporting - GA4’s reporting setup differs from UA in that there are fewer predefined reports, but we will create a basic
custom report that will fit your needs.

4. Export Data (1 Year) - We will export 1 year of data for you that matches your timeframe needs so you will always have
this data available even after UA stops.


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