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So you’ve got a website, but how do you know if it’s any good?

Mar 29, 2019 | Uncategorized

By Jorge Pezo-Candelario

If you’re in business, your web presence is one of the first ways that potential clients will discover and vett you. Chances are you’re just one of many options when it comes to purchasing a product or service and the internet audience is going to do their part to choose the best fit for them.

So you go and put a site together yourself or hire an agency to do it for you. You spend time writing your content, making sure your contact information is correct and proudly launch your baby into the world. But now what? Is your website doing its job? Are you getting leads and/or is your site representing you accurately and powerfully? How do you know if what you’ve put out online is actually any good?

That’s where metrics come into play, and as they say ‘the numbers don’t lie”. You want a clear, non-biased, data driven evaluation of your web efforts, where your weaknesses and strengths lie and where you need to invest in improvements. Peralta Design grades clients sites on 5 core metrics which serve as the cornerstone for any website.

Organic SEO

This is the buzzword on everyone’s lips. Every business wants to rank at the top of results for the most popular keywords. Dominating on the organic SEO front means making sure you’re following all of the best practices and keeping up to date with an ever evolving set of rules. They call it organic, and they mean it, it’s truly a living breathing thing that changes. Think about this as a long term investment as it can take some time before your efforts begin to bear fruit, but when you’ve got everything set-up in place, your business becomes much easier to find online than your competition.

Think about this as a long term investment as it can take some time before your efforts begin to bear fruit, but when you’ve got everything set-up in place, your business becomes much easier to find online than your competition.


Content is King. This phrase has been around in the context of web development since the dawn of Google and its just as crucial as ever. The quality and relevancy your site’s content, your information hierarchy and presentation are key in making your site optimal for both web crawlers and human visitors.


The reports are in. Businesses that prioritize design on their website and associated sales collateral see an average 86% increase in conversion versus their competition. Think about it this way, the salesperson who is dressed to impress will always close more deals than the person who looks like they just rolled out of bed. Look and feel matters, and when choosing a business, customers care and they show it with their wallet.


To say we have entered the era of instant gratification is an understatement. Just asking my 13-year old daughter to ‘wait a minute’ and you’ll hear an immediate groan from the peanut gallery. Your customers want to get the info they came for, book your service, buy your product or contact you without having to wait for you page to load. If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you’ve already lost 70% of your audience who have moved on to the next site.


Let’s say you’re doing everything right and you have a healthy amount of traffic flowing into your site. You might still find that converting clicks into customers present a challenge. More often than not, you’ve got a User Experience issue on your hands. If your audience isn’t able to find the information they came for quickly and easily, and in 3 clicks or less, you’re literally leaking visitors. . In today’s modern web area of smartphones, tablets, laptops and traditional desktop PCs, your site needs to be able to have a friendly user experience, that’s well organized and ushers your visitors to where they need to go no matter what platform your audience finds you from.

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