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The PD Life of: A Motion Design Intern

Apr 8, 2019 | Uncategorized

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By: Danny Scinto

Being an animator and video editor is a strange life. I’m one of those people whose passion aligns with their professional career. I wake up, work on some personal videos, then head to work to make videos for my company, then arrive at home with just enough time to further edit my personal creations. In short, what I do for my job is the same thing I do as a hobby. It sounds like a redundant existence, but I assure you it’s down right magical.

However, if I’m going to sit down and spend eight hours a day animating or editing video for somebody else, I need to make sure that time is well spent! I need a place where I’ll be pushed to excellence; a place where my growth is encouraged and my creations are appreciated. After all, this isn’t just a job for me: it’s my passion! If I do poor work at my job, then I know all my art will suffer for it. I need a company that will force me to adapt and improve, so that one day I can use the things I’ve learned on my personal work.

For a long time, I was out of luck; Most companies saw their video editors and animators as a means to an end, and not as creatives who should be encouraged to get outside their comfort zone and experiment. However, I was destined for a brighter future as I interviewed for an internship with Peralta Design. I realized immediately that this company was something special. Small, efficient, and delightfully friendly; this office emminated productive energy. I could sense that each member carried a lot of weight in this company, and nobody was taken for granted. After being interviewed by the owner, a rarity in my industry to say the least, I was asked to join their team. They didn’t need to ask twice!

Since then, it’s been a heck of a time. Everyone gets along so well, and there’s a genuine sense of comradery in these walls. We eat together, discuss the shows we’re watching, and applaud each completed project. Don’t let their playful exterior fool you, however, these people are masters of their crafts. They will silently attack their work with unbelievable efficiency and competence. Phones are set aside, Facebook pages are closed, and heads are down. When it’s time to work, these people WORK.

That alone pushes me each day to do my absolute best. These folks aren’t showing any signs of giving up, so neither will I! This doesn’t mean they’re constantly cracking the whip; quite the contrary! They’re always willing to lend a hand, and they urge me to take breaks when I seem burnt out. There is an emphasis on self care, and taking the time to do things right. They value me for more than my work; They value me as a person.

Frankly, this place excites me. I know the more I put in, the more I get out, and that isn’t something I can say about most occupations. After being put in charge of multiple video projects, I feel they trust and rely on me. In the short month I’ve been here, I have already grown exponentially, and I show no signs of slowing down. I cannot wait to rise to more challenges and produce work that is consistently better than the last. One day, I’ll reflect on my career and fondly reminisce about my humble start as an intern at Peralta Design. This place is my foundation, and I couldn’t ask for a better one.

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