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What’s the Best Time to Post?

Oct 26, 2012 | Uncategorized

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We’ve all been there: you posted something on Facebook and hours later you have very few if any comments or “likes”. You wonder to yourself, was it too hardcore for Facebook? Was it too political or not political enough? You might find yourself double-checking your friend’s list wondering if you’ve dropped any friends since your last post.  Did it every occur to you that it could have been the timing of your post and not necessarily the content that was the culprit for the lack of enthusiasm to your brilliant newsfeed post? Was everyone asleep at 3:30am? Probably. Whatever you do, don’t take it personal.

Apparently there is a science to this thing and here’s a reprint of a serious info-graphic by Social Caffeine that breaks it all down for you. Some of it you’ll shrug as common sense, while other information may just surprise you.  Find your optimum timeslot for posting and maximize your social media reach!


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