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When Social Media Does Good: Philippine Relief Efforts

Nov 15, 2013 | Uncategorized

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If you’re able to read this, your life is pretty good. You are alive, you probably ate breakfast, you either have a smart phone or computer and you have internet.  Before you read any further, count your blessings and be grateful. If blessings are meant to be shared, how can you share your blessings with others today? Wouldn’t it be great if you could help someone even while you do something as mundane and routine as ‘checking your Facebook.’

We often hear about everything that is bad about social media, the racist tweets, the trolling, the phishing, the giraffes, the annoying BitStrips, the chain letters, hoaxes and political rants. But what good can social media do? What good can you do to help those in need and how can social media play a part in facilitating that?

A week ago today, Super Typhoon Haiyan struck the eastern Philippines with 235 mph wind gusts and a 16-foot high wall of sea water that blasted through the city of Tacloban destroying and flushing away everything in its path. Bodies decomposing in the water, no power, no internet, no food, and no relief or slow relief aid for the last week has many people screaming and starving in desperation.

Recently Facebook posted a Philippines relief effort banner at the top of their Newsfeed. Within seconds, and in just a few clicks, I was able to donate $10 toward Red Cross relief efforts. The banner stated clearly that 100% of my $10 donation was going toward the relief efforts.  Sound like a small donation? You’ve got over 1-Billion people parked on Facebook for most of the day… at $10 each, well, you get the idea. Facebook  and Paypal are making it real easy to send help to the Red Cross who will in turn, help those in need in the Philippines.

Game company Wicked Loot has come up with a unique way to do their part : if you donate to the Philippines through their website, you can get 3 FREE games.

https://sparkrising.com/donate-today-to-the-philippines/ The founder of Wicked Loot, James Master Lee is from the Philippines and has family that still lives there.

Typhoon death toll now up to 3,621 and it’s rising.  Original estimates of 10,000 were apparently overstated, but it doesn’t mean that it makes this natural disaster an less tragic.  If you want to help survivors but are leery about clicking the ‘donate’ link on your Facebook wall, here are some other ways you can help, right from the comfort of your keyboard and cup of coffee:




How it Happened:





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