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Creating A Brand Name: Important Things to Consider

Jun 13, 2024 | Brand

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Whether you are starting up a new business or want to refresh your existing brand or are just coming up with new ideas for products, this blog will be a great place to start. We will cover why brand names are important and what aspects of a brand name you should not overlook. 

Why are Brand Names Important?

Similar to personal names, they form the initial impression. They convey the brand’s style and can influence how potential customers perceive your offerings before they even understand your products. It’s crucial for brand names to establish or trigger a cognitive connection. This is often facilitated when the name resonates with the industry or is memorable in some other fashion.

What should a Brand Name be? 


Your brand name holds immense significance within your company’s overarching brand identity. It’s paramount to deliberate whether your chosen name effectively encapsulates your brand’s personality. Consider if your brand name carries intrinsic meaning and if it can be effortlessly communicated. Reflect on what connotations your name may evoke in the minds of your customers. Is it a beacon of clarity and relevance, or does it leave room for confusion? The degree to which your brand name resonates with your audience can profoundly influence their perception of your offerings and their willingness to engage with your brand.

Ask the following questions when thinking about your brand name: 

  • Does your brand name have some degree of meaning? 
  • Is it easy to explain? 
  • What will your name mean to your customers?

Memorable & Distinctive

Brevity, alliteration, and a connection to something familiar are effective tools to ensure your brand name grabs attention. If your brand name is challenging to pronounce, spell, or sounds too generic or obscure, it becomes harder to endorse. 

Consider the following: 

  • Is it memorable? 
  • Does it distinguish itself from competitors sufficiently?


Brand names are legally safeguarded by trademarks, prohibiting the selection of names identical or too similar to those owned by other companies. This underscores the importance of conducting thorough research to ensure the uniqueness and protectability of your chosen name. Similarly, securing domains linked to your brand name is crucial for ensuring your website’s accessibility and online presence. 

Ask the following questions when thinking about your brand name: 

  • Is your chosen name legally protectable? 
  • Is a matching URL obtainable? 
  • Are the relevant social media handles accessible? 


When naming your brand, it’s crucial to envision its future trajectory. Consider potential expansions beyond a single product or current geographic confines. A brand name that is overly specific poses challenges for future adaptability. Thus, it’s imperative to select a name that can evolve alongside your business

Consider the following: 

  • Are there alternative interpretations or cultural connotations associated with your brand name in diverse regions or languages? 
  • Could your brand name constrain future growth prospects? 
  • Is it overly restrictive in scope? 


Give careful thought to the auditory appeal of your brand name. Experiment with its usage in conversation, evaluate its visual impact on printed materials, and assess its alignment with your company’s overarching strategy.

Ask the following questions when thinking about your brand name: 

  • Do you actually like the name? 
  • Does it flow well? 
  • How would the target audience respond to the name? 
  • Is it relevant? 

In Conclusion

In crafting a brand name, the significance cannot be overstated. It serves as the foundation upon which your entire brand identity is built, influencing perceptions, recognition, and resonance with your target audience. From legal considerations to future scalability, from linguistic nuances to aesthetic appeal, every aspect demands thoughtful deliberation. well-chosen brand name is not merely a label; it’s a strategic asset that encapsulates the essence of your brand and fosters enduring connections with your audience.

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