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It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Spotify Wrapped season

Dec 6, 2023 | Business

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The time of data is back! Spotify Wrapped recently released their latest annual campaign and it’s taken over social media. 

What is Spotify Wrapped? 

Every year, Spotify provides you with a quick summary of your year. It’s an annual analysis of users’ behavior, year after year since 2016, spotify has provided users with this synopsis adjusting it slightly each year to provide new information. Wrapped also provides easily shareable graphics that are primed for Instagram stories making it easy to share with others. Over the years, Spotify Wrapped has increased continually with 30 million Spotify users accessing it in 2017 increasing to 156 million in 2022. 

What’s contributed to this increase in Spotify Wrapped shares? 

Every iteration of Spotify Wrapped continues to add new features based on the data, from auras to personality types spotify finds new ways to categorize your listening habits. This has increased virality as users want to share these insights with their friends and learn more. Even celebrities have jumped onto the bandwagon of talking about Spotify Wrapped increasing the popularity of it even more. 

What can you learn from it? 

  1. Easily shareable 

    • One of the items that makes this campaign so successful and effective is the fact that it made it easy for people to share. Since Spotify Wrapped is only available on one platform, users are incentivized to share it on social media to get into the conversation and show their friends. Spotify Wrapped not only created a quick synopsis but also generated a curated playlist that when shared via social media could be viewed by friends. This in turn makes everyone a brand ambassador. 
    • Takeaway: make shareable and engaging content for your customers! 
  2. Annual campaign

    • This global campaign is something that everyone looks forward to year after year. Which not only has increased the amount of users that Spotify has seen viewing it every year but it also has become a staple to everyone’s year.
    • Takeaway: if your company has a campaign that works, write it into your marketing plan to implement it annually while working on improving it every year
  3. Personalized

    • Spotify does a great job of personalizing the data it presents which not only highlights a great use of data visualization but also showcases the impact that personalized campaigns can have. Users feel a bigger need to share with their friends and family because it highlights a part of their lives. 
    • Takeaway: Keep in mind that the manner in which you present data holds significant influence over your audience. Personalizing the information for users increases the likelihood of establishing a meaningful connection with the campaign.

In Conclusion

Spotify Wrapped has not only become a significant annual event for millions of users worldwide but has also set a remarkable example for creating successful and impactful campaigns. The key takeaways revolve around the campaign’s shareability, annual recurrence, and personalization.

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