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Branding Vs Marketing: How They Differ And How To Use Them

Oct 6, 2023 | Brand, Digital

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In the world of business, the terms “branding” and “marketing” are often used interchangeably, leading to confusion. However, they represent distinct, yet closely related, concepts that play major roles in a company’s success. Let’s get into the fascinating world of branding vs. marketing to uncover their differences and understand their significance in the business landscape. In this blog post we will discuss: 

What is Branding?

Branding is about defining who you are. The piece of branding that comes to mind quickly for most people is the business name and logo.  While this is correct, branding is so much more than that. It also includes the color palette, fonts and images you utilize. Beyond visuals, your branding includes your messaging and brand voice/tone. 

Overall, branding is what defines your company’s personality, values and mission all while building an emotional connection with your audience. Your branding should be clear, concise, and consistent as in doing this you can build a solid reputation. 

What is Marketing?

Marketing, on the other hand, is how you share your brand with your target audience. It’s the activity a company takes to promote its products / services and itself. The primary goal of marketing is to generate interest. 

Marketing can take a variety of forms as there are inbound and outbound marketing strategies to consider, we will go into that another time as we may be here all day if we dive into everything now. Nevertheless, Marketing has a variety of strategies and tactics that aim to attract, engage, convert and even retain customers. No matter what your marketing is aiming to achieve, the core to any good marketing is having a solid understanding of your target audience as you need to ensure you are meeting their needs to be effective. 

What comes first: Branding or Marketing? 

While Branding and Marketing work hand in hand with one another, the question stands as to what do you start with? Well, Branding is the core of your marketing strategy, therefore branding must come first. Even if you are just starting out, defining WHO you are as a brand is essential prior to devising specific marketing strategies and tactics down the line.

When looking at lifespans of branding versus marketing, you can also see why branding should come first. It is because a brand identity should last multiple years while marketing campaigns have much shorter life spans usually ranging from a few weeks to a few months. It’s important to have a solid brand foundation laid prior to engaging in marketing as then the marketing efforts can be aligned to the company’s image and their target audience. Effective marketing, in turn, reinforces and communicates the brand’s message to the right audience.

It’s important to note that over time both, your branding and your marketing, may need to be updated. For example, Facebook just refreshed their branding in 2023 (to learn more about this check out our blog post!).

How do they work together effectively?

While someone may recognize you for your branding, the marketing often is what initially brings those eyes to your brand. In other words, marketing is the push behind generating interest that leads to sales. 

Branding and Marketing are truly two different pieces of a whole but both contribute to the success of one another when applied correctly. Marketing benefits from having a solid branding foundation in place as it allows the marketing to highlight the products/services while showing off the brand’s characteristics. Meanwhile Branding benefits from the traction and push that marketing provides by bringing users to the brand.

One way you can think of the two is by thinking about the two sides of your brain. There’s the logical side and the creative side. Marketing is a more logical process as it plans strategies to persuade purchases (don’t get us wrong creativity is still NEEDED in marketing but compared to branding it’s more logical). Branding is the more creative side that focuses on the details such as colors and fonts that a brand uses and what they evoke. Just like your brain, both sides need each other in order to work most effectively and efficiently.

Think about the goal of connecting with your target audience. If your customer supports your business, they are likely to have shared values. One of the most important tasks of both branding and marketing is to uncover what your target audience values and how to best reach them. You can naturally bring together a community by hitting these points (hellooooo branding!), and then nurture that connection through Marketing. This shows how branding starts the connection but marketing fosters and grows it. 

As a lot goes into both branding and marketing, which can be overwhelming, we wanted to provide you with some quick tips related to them to get you started on the right foot.

Quick Tips to keep in mind for Branding & Marketing:

  1. Establish a strong brand identity – before you even begin to think about marketing campaigns, make sure that you have a well-defined brand identity. This should include a clear vision, values, logo, and visual identity. 
  2. Align marketing with brand values – your marketing should reflect your brand’s core values and messaging. 
  3. Consistency is key – maintain a consistent brand image and message across all channels, from social media to advertising and beyond. Inconsistencies can confuse customers and in turn actually dilute your brand’s impact and possibly even your brand reputation. 
  4. Understand Your Target Audience – use market research and data to understand your customers needs, preferences, and pain-points. You should address these in your marketing while staying true to your brand.
  5. Measure and Adjust – monitor your campaigns effectiveness and your brands perception and be sure to adjust your strategies based on the feedback and data to maintain alignment between both branding and marketing.

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